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SharePoint Site Collection Management for Wealth Management Firm

13 FEB 2018



Private American Wealth Management Firm.

Clients concocted a thought

The client had a setup of SharePoint 2010 and had a site collection with several subsites. Client being in the wealth management business, managing the assets for several large accounts, had to take care of different aspects of the entire wealth management. With growing business, multiple departments were made part of the same site collection, making it difficult for the client to manage the entire solution or even perform with difficult navigation and varying security requirements and user permissions.

What we proposed

Star Knowledge proposed to first migrate the SharePoint 2010 Site Objects and Site Collections, existing workflows and other data and configuration to Office 365’s SharePoint Online with the help of Share Gate to ease the migration.

Once migrated completely, the existing Site Collection was remapped to create several SharePoint Site Collections based on the grouping of related sites together and security policies needed along with Group permissions to access the sites and portals. For each department and its sub sites, additional custom workflows were created as needed to map the client’s business objectives and requirements keeping in mind the regulatory compliance.

Star Knowledge built a public facing web portal with a modern UI to integrate and provide a seamless experience to the firm’s clients, partners and agents to access the forms and workflows. Additionally, the agents using the SharePoint Online portal were allowed to access the reports and account summary to be synced with a local folder on the agent’s system based on different permission levels of the users

Results & benefits obtained

  1. Easier Navigation and Distributed Administration
  2. Public facing portal access to ease mobility and portability
  3. Automated Custom Workflows and File sync based on user permissions
  4. Dedicated resources, usage reports, search settings and organized shared libraries.
  5. Easier to manage security settings for the entire site collection.

Technology used

  • SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint Online
  • Share Gate
  • OneDrive Sync Client

Want for information

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