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identity management

Redefining your access perimeter with Immediate, Secure and easy access to information systems based on your defined access control governance

Identity and Access Management Services (IAM Services) provide role-based access control which allows administrators to regulate access systems and networks of an organization.

We are Okta and Azure AD experts and help companies in tackling their need to regulate information access, application administration and security. We work with clients to protect their valuable assets against security threats and cyber-attacks and deploy IAM Solutions to help the IT of organizations in granting necessary privileges to internal as well as external stakeholders.

Star Knowledge IAM Consulting Services

IAM Advisory

IAM Advisory Services

Star Knowledge’s IAM Advisory Services help companies get expert support from our Identity and Access Management consultants. Our consultants bring profound knowledge of niche IAM solutions that best suit their security needs.

Roadmap Strategy and
Assessment Services

Roadmap Strategy and Assessment Services

We perform comprehensive assessment to identify voids in the system and to explore current shortcomings in the existing infrastructure & operations. We perform gap analysis to explore current loose-ends & potential issues to improvise the network & systems.

Architecture &

Architecture & Design

Organizations across different industry verticals have unique software system requirements and Star Knowledge delivers tailor-made software architecture & designs that suit the unique needs of organizations. Architecture & design are crucial as they influence performance level, maintainability & security of the system.

IAM Implementation

IAM Implementation Services

Implementing Identity and Access Management technologies require sophisticated methodologies and we can help achieve better results with our IAM implementation services. Star Knowledge provides comprehensive IAM implementation services with our thorough process from planning & assessment to strong architectural design.

Third Party
IDP integration

Third Party IDP integration

We help in integrating your solutions with your preferred IDP and can assist in supporting integration with third party IDP as well along with api integrations to ensure seamless experience for your users across different systems.

Custom Integration
and Development

Custom Integration and Development

We assist with custom development of connectors and solutions to help integrate your applications to be integrated with your IDP including SCIM, SAML, OIDC, OAuth2.0 and others along with custom framework and solution design for your on-premise and SaaS applications.

IAM Managed Services
and Support

IAM Managed Services and Support

Our managed services include a wide range of identity and access management capabilities like IAM platform management, application-identity management, 24X7X365 monitoring, IT security support for On-premise, cloud oy hybrid environment.

Star Knowledge’s supported Okta IAM solutions

Single Sign-On

Keep data secure and increase productivity with our SSO Solution. Implement Single Sign-On to all business resources and any type of device with Star Knowledge as your trusted SSO service provider. Cut the credential clutter and join the board of SSO today.

API Access Management

Implement a modern security solution to manage access security. Access security is not limited at the application level, API access management is equally important since they open-up access to valuable data. We assist companies in securing their APIs and control access to resources.

User Lifecycle Management

Roll out Role-based access control (RBAC), streamlined approval workflows, and strengthen identity governance with our User Lifecycle Management services.

Multi-factor Authentication

Our MFA as a service is designed to help your business implement additional authentication measures to help you in securing access to sensitive business resources. We help you in bringing in MFA mechanism to prevent internal theft and sort of data loss.

Access Gateway

Implement a secure application access solution for securing users’ access to business-critical applications from anywhere. Protect your on-prem applications as well as hybrid cloud with our highly secure Access Gateway services.

Advanced Server Access

Revolutionize the infrastructure security with Advanced Server Access built on the core principles of Zero Trust. We bring you the more easy and secure way to manage your critical infrastructure and its security.

How Star Knowledge Adds Value to Your Business

Define, develop, implement and automate privileges and access control with our IAM consulting services.

We solve your toughest IAM

Our expert IAM consultants have managed various IAM projects and have set companies on a long-term success by identifying roadblocks, architecting, and managing solutions.

We manage your information security to let you focus on business

Our focus is to ensure complete information and system security of your business. We develop customized strategies to quickly design solutions that make the most sense to your company and your customers.

Our Different Business Models

Fixed Project

  • Project consultation
  • Custom project development
  • Timely delivery
  • Quality project delivered
  • Immediate support

Dedicated Team

  • Hire Niche Developers
  • Hourly, Weekly, Monthly Basis
  • Hire Part-Time or Full-Time
  • Scale up and down anytime


    • Resources for immediate projects
    • Available as per project needs
    • Hire developers on number of hours required

Want to implement highest level of business security?

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