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Engineering Priorities: People-Centric and Smart Spaces

State of Engineering – 2020: Trends and Directions

The Engineering Industry in this era of escalated technology velocity faces issues of constant material price fluctuation and shortage of skilled, trained, and experienced resources. Today, enterprises are increasingly in need of sustainable, faster, and safer methods of construction, innovative project delivery modes, procurement practices, and improved productivity. ​

​As with many industries, innovative technology presents both challenges and increasing opportunities for engineering. While digital transformation is not a new phenomenon, an array of emerging technologies have come to the forefront as critical to business profitability and sustainability in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.​

engineering software solutions

Key 2020 Engineering Technology Trends Include

Artifical Intelligence (AI) at the Edge

Artifical Intelligence (AI) at the Edge


3D Printing

Digital Twins

Practical Delivery Drones

Virtual/ Augmented Reality

Wearable Sensors

Cognitive Skills for Robots

Star Knowledge has helped an array of engineering organizations improve the management of their CAD activities, software development, and new product development, thereby reducing costs and improving the overall quality and productivity of their business activities. Our consultants combine industry ‘best practices,’ time-tested methodologies, and integrated software solutions to provide the tools engineering companies need to remain profitable and competitive

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