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Improving Traditional Healthcare Diagnosis and Treatment Protocols with Digital Solutions

State of Healthcare – 2020: Trends and Directions

The Healthcare industry is undergoing a revolutionary change with a focus on managed medical and wellness services. Innovations in patient service, care models, and information delivery are revolutionizing the future of healthcare.​

​Today, industry providers provide the best possible care. Still, they face challenges in terms of improving the quality of patient care delivered, managing facility operations, enhancing worker productivity, reducing human error, and reducing costs. The problem to continually understand, implement and enforce new Medicare, FDA, and HIPAA regulations, safety standards, scientific breakthroughs, and patient expectations are rivaled only by the ability to control soaring costs and meet the increasing requirements of a senior population.​​

The Leading 2020 Healthcare Community Trends Include

Data Science and Predictive Analysis



Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Cloud Computing in Healthcare

R/VR/MR in Healthcare


Artifical Intelligence in Healthcare

Star Knowledge has helped an array of healthcare providers improve the management of their software development and new product development, thereby reducing costs and improving the overall quality and productivity of patient-facing activities. ​Our consultants combine industry ‘best practices,’ time-tested methodologies, and integrated software solutions to provide the tools healthcare organizations need to remain profitable and relevant.

Star Knowledge provides professional and quality software design, development, and support services to the Healthcare segments below

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Urgent Care

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Assisting Living /
Nursing Homes

healthcare software development services

Healthcare Professionals

agile software development in healthcare


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