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We deliver an extraordinary digital experience with applications designed & developed to your needs.

We understand our customer’s unique aspirations and business needs further augment those thoughts to assist in delivering digital solutions on the web apps, mobile apps, desktop applications, cloud applications, augmented reality, virtual reality platforms, that delivers a seamless user experience.

As the best software development company with 12+ years of extensive experience in applications development, maintenance, modernization, and application testing services we are dedicated to the long-term goals of your development plans. We design responsive backend and frontend web applications for unique business requirements and digital transformation needs on various platforms using Agile Methodology across the globe 24×7.

Star Knowledge a App Development Company

Web App

Web App Development

Partner with Star Knowledge for custom web application development services. Our team of expert developers delivers enterprise-grade frontend and backend web development projects that power mission-critical workflows to further address the digital needs of the most dynamic industries.

Application Development &

Application Development & Modernization

Transform legacy applications into modernized applications with modern functionalities & capabilities. We will help you revamp your apps and get the most out of your IT Investments. Our Application modernization services ensure faster time to market aligning with current and modern business needs.

Web Maintenance and

Web Maintenance and Support

With our support & maintenance competencies and monitoring, we ensure applications are running at their full capacity. Our 24*7 support, L1, L2, L3 support, Re-engineering services, monitoring and service help desk support will help you achieve high productivity out of your new and legacy applications.

Content Management

Content Management System

Organizing & customizing website content is the most important task of building and having a website. Our CMS services include technologies such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Java, ASP.NET, PHP, etc that will support your unique e-commerce business requirements.


We build modern E-commerce solutions for your unique E-commerce store on the web with a responsive WooCommerce also fulfill design for any device. Using our various technology platforms such as Magento, NOPCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify we will help you fulfill all your modern business needs for your modern customer requirements.

Web Testing

Web Testing Services

To ensure your application’s high quality we provide automated testing and manual testing services. Our Web Application Testing Services involves a series of procedures to identify potential weaknesses and ensure the high-quality performance of your web applications. Our Website testing services give your customers the UX experience they expect.

How Star Knowledge Adds Value to Your Business

As a software development company, we convert ideas & imaginations into real business solutions. Let’s Discover, Define, Execute and Launch the awesomeness!

The Bigwigs in Business

We’re a globally recognized custom software development company preferred by clients from industries like Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Engineering, and more. We deliver intuitively articulated web design, web application development services.

We know it backward and forwards

We’re experienced as well as certified web development wizards with expertise across major and latest web technologies. Our expert web developers have profound knowledge in building creatively customized, dynamic website design, and web applications.

Our Different Business Models

Fixed Project

  • Project consultation
  • Custom project development
  • Timely delivery
  • Quality project delivered
  • Immediate support

Dedicated Team

  • Hire Niche Developers
  • Hourly, Weekly, Monthly Basis
  • Hire Part-Time or Full-Time
  • Scale up and down anytime


    • Resources for immediate projects
    • Available as per project needs
    • Hire developers on number of hours required

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