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Industry 4.0 and Rise of the Smart Factory

State of Manufacturing – 2020: Trends and Directions

The Manufacturing industry’s enterprise-wide manufacturing solutions are the cornerstones the success of recognized brands across the automobile, aerospace, and high-tech domains, among others. Smart factories are fast becoming mainstream, offering a new level of efficiency and productivity to those that invest in them. Industry 4.0, combined with increasingly sophisticated software and analytics, is playing a huge role in driving this movement. ​

​The opportunities on offer from this new era of responsive, interconnected machinery are enormous. Engineers can now precisely predict and manage machine failures at the touch of a button. As manufacturing companies of the past turn into the advanced manufacturing businesses of the future, industry leaders are leveraging technology to help bridge the gap, improve safety and operations, provide greater transparency, and deliver better products and experiences.​

software for manufacturing industry

Key 2020 Manufacturing Technology Trends Include

5G & Smart

5G & Smart Manufacturing

Augmented(AR) & Virtual Reality(VR)


Predictive Maintenance

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT)

3D – Printing Technology


Collaborative Robots

Al and Machine Leaning

Star Knowledge has helped an array of manufacturers improve the management of their software development and new product development, thereby reducing costs and improving the overall quality and productivity of factory and support activities. ​Our consultants combine industry ‘best practices,’ time-tested methodologies, and integrated software solutions to provide the tools manufacturers need to remain profitable and relevant.

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