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State of Public Sector – 2020: Trends and Directions

The Public Sector is faced with citizen demand to provide improved responsiveness and quality in citizen-facing services across all governmental agencies on a 24/7 basis. As citizens’ need for digital services continues to rise, public institutions have a tremendous opportunity to improve the way governments serve their citizens. Today, high-quality public services are delivered, leveraging the power of customized digital platforms and software solutions that support a satisfying citizen experience. ​

​In a data-driven world, governments have exceptional data assets with which they can create and exploit value. With the integrated use of the data within cognitive and predictive-based next-generation analytics and emerging technologies, forward-thinking agencies are placing themselves at the seam of tomorrow’s innovative infosphere.

Public Sector Software Solutions

Key 2020 Public Sector Technology Trends Include

Adaptive Security

Cloud-based Services

Citizen Digital Identity

Smart City Solutions

Predictive Analytics


Multichannel Citizen Engagement

Multichannel Citizen Engagement

Al and Machine Leaning

Star Knowledge has helped public sector organizations become more like commercial customer service providers with the design and development of innovative software, and modernization and integration of legacy systems with web and mobile applications. ​Our consultants support projects with industry ‘best practices,’ proven methodologies, and integrated software solutions.

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