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Avoid SharePoint deployment mistakes

16 MAY 2018


Do you know why organization faces a failed SharePoint deployment? Here are a few reasons for it.

Like all technology, SharePoint is continually changing, via hotfixes, combined updates and service packs launched by Microsoft. Microsoft SharePoint is as of now outstanding collaborative platforms for small-sized to large organizations, providing centralized access to big business data and applications.

Organizations of all sizes are using SharePoint for better document management, streamlining processes through work process automation and structures based steering, unified dashboards and better access to portable clients.

Being said that, the 20% rate of SharePoint deployment failure can be a challenge for organizations looking to get full advantages from the capacities and features of SharePoint. This is essentially because of the reluctance of organizations to oblige new changes and an absence of appropriate planning.

In order to help your company, to pick up the full advantage of SharePoint and maintain a strategic distance from a fizzled deployment, Star knowledge will share our bits of knowledge about the platform.  Let’s take a look at a few reasons why such deployments flop and how to avoid those problems.

1. Not knowing how Microsoft SharePoint fits into your business and absence of vision

Most of the people believe that SharePoint is an out-of-the-box concept that is easy to execute and a prepared to-go solution which is not correct. Many organizations are not ready to characterize what SharePoint is and subsequently they struggle in utilizing it effectively.

On the off chance that there is no proper planning and comprehension of SharePoint then the usage will be a disappointment. Hence, with capabilities and involvement in creating, deploying SharePoint applications, Star Knowledge offer our endeavor clients the complete team of specialists who boost your development, ROI and reception.

2. Dearth of deployment strategy 

Developers need to build up a point by point SharePoint deployment procedure that has quantifiable objectives. To accomplish an effective dispatch, your entire business ought to be in agreement with respect to the program’s proposed to utilize and, at last, the coveted outcomes. It is insightful to hire our SharePoint specialists to help plan a technique for powerful organization, utilize and maintenance of this staggering collaborative platform.

3. Lack of training 

Many deployments flop since workers don’t comprehend its features. At the point when gotten some information about the absence of advance toward full deployment, almost 20% of the organizations referred to a lack of resources as its main cause. In the event that you are falling in this category, it’s damn sure that you may require our IT experts to configure, assemble and keep up SharePoint for your business. In any case, you may also require a knowledge management analyst to engineer the business solution in SharePoint first. Once done, training the users is an imperative angle wherein each end user must be instructed how to utilize the new SharePoint framework for smooth running of the entire process.

4. Lack of IT resources

Adequate IT resources are an essential part of a fruitful deployment. Many organizations fall flat since they need IT resources, including data administration, storage, infrastructure and security. In such cases outsource your project to star knowledge. Our development services span across implementation phases for developing enterprise solutions based on the SharePoint development framework. Whether it is building an Intranet / extranet portal, document management systems or developing workflow solutions, our services will help you assess and implement the best solution that meets your business needs.

5. Neglect of customizable features

SharePoint’s customizable features are regularly disregarded or utilized erroneously by organizations. The program’s capacity to incorporate with outer frameworks additionally complicates its utilization, especially if an organization’s objectives for its use are vague. Organizations that neglect to customize SharePoint to flawlessly address their issues will probably encounter a failure. In such cases you can contact us for more information or further assistance. Our team of Microsoft SharePoint consultants at Star Knowledge will readily help your organization effectively execute SharePoint and boost adoption rates. To learn more about our SharePoint services, click here to contact us today.


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