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Creating a Data-Driven, Intelligent Retail Model

State of Retail – 2020: Trends and Directions

The Retail Services Industry is in a revolutionary period resulting from the pace of new technologies introduced to support consumer commerce. The significant improvements in the sector are attributable to the Retail 4.0 Model that encapsulates a variety of innovative technologies focused around the customer experience, from seamless omnichannel experiences to personalization to responsive merchandising.

Retailers are working to reinvent the brand experience at all touchpoints, with a particular emphasis on reimagining the role of the store concept. These current strategies are all targeted at making a customer’s experience more straightforward and satisfying, allowing retailers to have more opportunities to connect with consumers in multiple channels.​

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Key 2020 Retail Technology Trends Include

Al and Machine Leaning

Social Shopping

Visual Search

Internet of Things (IoT)

Mobile Payment Options

Cyber Security

Edge Analytics

Data Collection & Analytics

Star Knowledge has helped an array of retailers improve the management of their software development and new product development, thereby reducing costs and improving the overall quality and productivity of consumer value-chain activities. ​​Our consultants combine industry ‘best practices,’ time-tested methodologies, and integrated software solutions to provide the tools retail companies need to remain profitable and relevant.

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