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Managed IT Migration Services


Managed Migration Services

Get your IT Migration Managed with Ease. Let Star Knowledge Handle all the Details to get you on the Cloud!

At Star Knowledge, our experts will handle your complexities and help you make your migration successful.

Our different models and tools of cloud migration services help you tackle your move to cloud challenges by performing an assessment to discover better strategy, timing, and ensure you have the right shift. With managed cloud migration solutions from our dedicated team, you can Migrate, Manage, Secure multi-cloud environments.

Star knowledge’s Cloud Migration Services


Application Migration

Either It would be a public cloud to private cloud migration or from an on-premises server to a cloud migration we stand to support your Application migration process for a Secure and Hassle-free shift to the cloud.

Database Migration

Database Migration Services

At star-knowledge, we ensure Pre-migration, Migration, Post-migration Steps to handle the Database migration challenges and provide better Azure and AWS database migration solutions for the growing businesses.

Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration Services

We provide hassle-free Office 365 migration for On-premise, Cloud, Hybrid migration and make you achieve your digital workplace effectively from our Microsoft certified and experienced engineers.

SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Migration Services

Our SharePoint migration service will help you migrate a wide range of inventories, our experts will assist enterprises to migrate age-old IT to a newer version of SharePoint online without any downtime and errors.

OneDrive Migration

OneDrive Migration Services

For the enterprises having bulk files and needs to migrate them flawlessly, Star-knowledge provides the best OneDrive migration services with the benefits for members to connect easily with remote teams.

Teams Migration

Teams Migration Services

We accelerate your journey to teams for better communication and collaboration with your teams irrespective of their location. And we make you realize the benefits of teams in your organization.

Cloud Migration Services

Star Knowledge’s focus is accelerating migration by avoiding legal, security & compliance issues

Microsoft Azure Cloud
Migration Services

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Services

We’re an Azure Certified Partner with 10 years of experience in providing IT migration services to consolidate the data of organizations and help them take advantage of the Azure cloud. We perform on-premise migration, cloud-to-cloud migration & server-to-cloud migration.

AWS Cloud
Migration Services

AWS Cloud Migration Services

As an AWS Partner, we provide AWS Cloud migration services to businesses assisting their journey from on-premise to cloud. We choose the perfect AWS cloud solution for your business ensuring a successful migration process.

Migration Services

Database Migration Services

We help enterprises migrate their database quickly & securely minimizing the application downtime. Our migration experts can migrate your database from any platform to any platform. We perform database migrations from tenant to tenant & between different platforms.

How Star Knowledge Adds Value to Your Business

Transferring years of sensitive data to a new platform is undoubtedly risky, and we understand the risks and possibilities.

Transferring years of sensitive data to a new platform is undoubtedly risky, and we understand the risks and possibilities.

We help you hold all the aces

With our database migration service to the cloud, we help companies in gaining more time for innovation, creativity, and business enablement. We help you beat that competition.

We focus on your target

We understand that migrations are a big decision and also understand the reasons behind that decision. With our well-structured migration process, we migrate your workloads keeping the goals in mind.

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