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Migrate to Azure

Migrate to Azure with Confidence: Modernize your Infrastructure Today

5 SEP 2018


Planning to migrate to Azure? Do you have any thoughts, like how to move your business-critical services securely and dependably on the cloud? If no, use our recommendations to get to see how to break down existing IT assets, evaluate what you have, recognize the advantages of moving specific services to Azure, and plan for a viable Azure migration.

For over 20 years, Windows Server has been the operating system of decision for most clients, yet the cloud is progressively an elective goal for on-premises deployments of key workloads.

Moving your Windows Server framework to Azure Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or executing a hybrid solution with Azure Stack, you can change your business and decrease costs, streamline tasks, and enhance accessibility, dependability, and security by using Azure migration tools.

With more and more clients planning their workload migration to Azure, it winds up vital to comprehend the ideas of Azure Virtual Datacenter, Migration Methodologies, Partner Solutions, Migration Tools, and Best Practices for planning an effective migration project.

Also, for our accomplices, it is critical to building the required aptitudes and abilities to build up an Azure migration practice to help clients in the migration to Azure. At Star Knowledge, we help ISVs and Enterprises use Azure as a Platform to fabricate intense business solutions.

Consequently, we would like to share some valuable guidance and best practices on moving workloads to Azure.

How would you approach the cloud approach?

Whether your migration is straightforward or complex, it’s useful to think about the fundamental components of the procedure. Cloud Migration comes down to three principle stages like IaaS, SaaS, PaaS.

No matter which option you choose, you require an answer that gives a smooth and simple cloud reception, so you can migrate at your own pace.

With having a careful objective, we propose three straightforward strides for Azure cloud migration from an on-premise environment:

  • Assess: Identify and list your on-premises resources, for example, applications and workloads, to arrange for where your Azure migration should begin. There are some clear strides to be assessed in this i.e. the valuation of on-premises applications and servers, Identification of the app and server conditions, Configuration and finally Cost planning analysis. And you can save costs by using Azure’s usage-based billing.
  • Migrate: Migrate more astute and faster with adaptable, intense Microsoft cloud migration tools, while ensuring insignificant business effect. This is the place after you have arrived on your migration objectives and accumulated all prerequisites and limitations, you can pick the best strategy for migration to Azure.
  • Optimize: Once you’ve actualized your migration strategy, you’ll need to make sure that you’re effectively exploiting the cloud’s execution, versatility, and cost sparing advantages. Calibrate your resources to reinforce security, enhance execution, and boost the rate of return (ROI).

No matter why your business is looking to migrate to Azure, you shouldn’t be put off by its appearing complexity. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of migration, or just beginning to design your approach, remember that migration to the cloud can be easier with a trusted consultant like us.

To learn more about options to meet your unique migration needs, explore and sign up for tailored Azure consulting and Azure migration services. Contact us to migrate to Azure with confidence and have fewer challenges to overcome during migration.

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