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The client is a global telecommunications service provider

Clients concocted a thought

The client wanted to offer customers with a new mobile application to its subscribers to enable them connect with their family and friends. The client needed the application to allow users to co-ordinate activities, share information and photos etc., The client also wanted this application to be hosted on cloud thus reducing the costs of server maintenance and increase the uptime.

What we proposed

After careful evaluation, client decided to use Windows Phone 7 and the Windows Azure platform. The client was satisfied with Windows Phone 7 as it would simply the implementation process considerably. The company wanted to speed-up time to market and thus they could use Visual Studio 2010 professional development system and .Net Framework for the development. Since the client wanted a cloud based infrastructure, Windows Azure platform was chosen .This solution is built also on iPhone, Blackberry and Android platform.

Results & benefits obtained

The key benefits realized as a result of the successful project include

  • Simplified communications for users
  • Increased security
  • Faster time to Market

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