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Delivering Better Web Application Testing Services for Better User Experiences!

We at Star-knowledge Leverage the methods of testing the web applications to ensure unbreakable applications to our clients by providing genuine quality assurance services.

In the commercial and public sector communities, mobile app and web application testing are an essential and valuable stage in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Our test cases and scenarios provide an objective, independent view of the software quality and avoid the risk of its failure to product owners, sponsors, and users. Star Knowledge provides comprehensive website testing services to complement customer’s in-house IT capabilities.

Star Knowledge Software Testing Services

Automation Testing Services

  • Build test automation environments rapidly.
  • Effectively develop automated test scripts.
  • Faster and Better quality assurance in the software application.
  • Regression test your application.
  • Thoroughly assess every test cycle.

Manual Testing Services

  • Multi-platform and compatibility testing
  • Increase your test coverage.
  • Testing software in real-time.
  • Testing from the End User’s Perspective.
  • Ensuring flawlessness in a software application.

Acceptance Testing

We conduct Acceptance testing on web apps from the end-user perspective to ensure that the delivered product meets the requirements and work as the customer expected.

Functional Testing

We try all the possibilities to break the functionality of the software by ensuring all the features are tested thoroughly to meet the specified functionality required in the system requirements.

Integration Testing

Interaction between the software and software functionalities are tested to give flawless software for you, to achieve a (QA) quality assurance for your software.

Performance Testing

Our performance testing assures the speed and effectiveness of your software to make sure it is generating results within a specified time as per your requirements.

Regression Testing

Regression testing we provide verifies your software thoroughly as per the requirements and certifies that none of the changes made to your software are affecting its performance.

Stress Testing

The complete stress test cases are forced on your software until we are satisfied to promise you software with a satisfactory performance under any extreme and unfavorable conditions.

System Testing

Here we create a complete integrated software environment to evaluate the complete quality and to fortify you the web application complies with the requirements.

Usability Testing

We do Usability testing for websites from the client perspective, to evaluate how the GUI is user-friendly, how easily can the clients learn, and how rapidly the client can adapt to the software.

How Star Knowledge Adds Value

We work with customers to develop a software testing strategy and implementation plan specific to the unique business and technical needs of the company.

We Know the Score

We deeply understand the unique requirements and technical needs of our clients. And our dedicated testing team tailor testing strategies according to your business objectives.

We know the ropes

Star Knowledge has ten years of experience as a Microsoft Gold Partner and offers a portfolio of skill-based mobile development services with the use of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) methodology.

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