Identity and Access Management

Roles of IT departments are changing, and now the need for application administration, management and security require newer models of business. However, this does not come easy and needs a consistent identity access management solution. Star Knowledge works with customers to help them manage their identities and solve the primary IT headaches faced by large enterprises on a day to day basis.

With faster innovation cycles and customers running the same versions, SaaS tools are quickly becoming the best applications in every category of IT. With the digital transformation of organizations, One of the top concerns amongst all CIOs and CTOs is with respect to their security centering around their users. What apps are they using that are unauthorized? How quickly can a user be completely shut off if they leave the company? Are they accessing company information on unauthorized networks? How many times are they reusing the same password? At the same time, their teams are drowning in password reset tickets and the business is asking them for more apps and mobile access. Some of the challenges faced are below:

Star Knowledge Digital Transformation Solutions

We help our enterprise customers realize the power of their Active Directory to help manage their identities whether on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployments.


Plan your journey to make the digital transformation and secure your SaaS applications.


Secure your SaaS solutions and applications. Boost the productivity of your customers and improve engagement.

Advisory Services

Still thinking if digital transformation is the right move? Let us take control of your worry and help you make the leap today.

Support and Maintenance

Build secure communications between people and technology. Maintain competitiveness and generate more revenue with ease of support and serviceability.

Our Identity and Access Management Solutions

Universal Directory

Single Sign-On


Adaptive Multi-factor authentication

Social Authentication

In-Bound Federation

AD & LDAP Integration

Mobility Management

Today's enterprises are clearly faced by huge levels of complexities enroute their digital journey. Migration to the cloud and deploying secure identity solutions has it’s own challenges. We at Star Knowledge are focused on solving these problems for your organization with Microsoft's Active Directory or Okta's Secure Identity Management solutions to ensure your SaaS investments work seamlessly with your cloud as well as on-prem deployments. Leave all your worries behind and let Star Knowledge's certified team of engineers and consultants take care of your transformation.

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