SharePoint Based Health Monitoring System

6 FEB 2018



High Technology Healthcare and Medical Care Startup

Clients concocted a thought

The client has built a state of IOT framework and medical device that can monitor and track patient body vitals. Client was looking for a solution that would help manage multiple forms, workflows, data collection, and content management system. The solution required analytics along with the ability to allow patients and doctors to log in the system to facilitate on demand reporting and teleconferencing services along with document retrieval and management, all in the same portal.


Client needed a Enterprise Document Management portal that would perform computation and data analytics of patient vitals along with complex workflows for data gathering. The complexity was further added with the ability to have teleconferencing services from within the SharePoint solution.


Solution was built on SharePoint 2013 and designed to integrate with the client’s OneDrive and PowerBI with custom UI design to create an effective CMS and a rich user dashboard. The solution involved creation of workflows to facilitate the user data collection of the patients by care providers with HIPAA regulation compliance.

The Solution fetches data from the web services hosted on Azure to gather IOT data from the body sensor of the client devices and analyzed to obtain the BI and patient progress reports. The solution integrates with TokBox to facilitate remote video conferencing capabilities to enable patients and doctors to connect in real time as the need arises without visiting the clinic along with capabilities to schedule meetings from the portal with ease.

Results & benefits obtained

  • Real time vital data parameter monitoring and reporting
  • Faster data collection and data segmentation
  • Custom workflows tailor-made to suit the clinics
  • Faster document and report searching
  • Real time tele-conferencing services from within the SharePoint portal
  • Calendar sharing and appointment scheduling with care providers


  • SharePoint 2013
  • KPI Charts
  • TokBox