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Mobile Banking Application

6 FEB 2018

Mobile Banking Application


The client is one of the leaders in mutual and savings bank, owned by its depositors of their region. Client specializes in the design and delivery of unique value and solution based savings and credit solutions tailored around depositor and borrower requirements.

Clients concocted a thought

With the increasing trend of using technology in the banking environment, more and more clients prefer to do certain banking transactions via their mobile phones. Client wanted to build a mobile self-service banking application to enable their customer base for mobile banking.

What we proposed

The Star Knowledge Technical Team conducted a due diligence of the Appcelerator Titanium, native SDK & SQLite database selected for use to construct the mobile banking application. The team designed and created the application that was built and tested on the Simulator and device across various platforms like Android, IOS, windows, BB7 and BB 10.

The key functions included in the applications are as follows.

  • Option to connect to Login and Register via mobile devices.
  • Option to view the account details, account history and account balance.
  • Option to make inter account transfer.
  • Option to make once of payments.
  • Option to make Beneficiary payments.
  • Option to add, edit or delete the beneficiary.
  • Option to view the various branches of the bank with the address in grid and map view.
  • Option to navigate to the various branches.
  • Option to view Forex rate & Indicators.

Results & benefits obtained

The key benefits realized as a result of the successful project include:

  1. Mobile Banking applications for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Android, Tablets and windows phone provided users with the flexibility and security to operate their banking accounts and were able to obtain critical information, wherever they are, and wherever they need it.
  2. The Mobile banking have been designed in such that it enable even a non-technical users to conduct financial operations anytime and from anywhere. Thus, one does not have to pay extra for conducting banking transactions while shopping, traveling, or even while out on a holiday.


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