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Valo Intranet for your Office 365


Valo Intranet – Experience the New Digital Workplace

Valo intranet portal development with ready to go intranet platform on SharePoint and Office 365 for achieving better digital workplace experience, endless communication, social interaction, and productive teamwork.

We are a certified Valo partner in the APAC who augments your SharePoint intranet experience with Valo to deliver the organization’s specifications and operations with increased security, user-friendliness, better connectivity, and collaboration for your dispersed teams for a new digital teams.

Valo is the Key for your Digital Workplace

It’s easy to setup on top of your existing Office 365 and SharePoint 2016 setup and packed with features and customization capabilities to suit your organization. If you are looking for a cost-effective and time-bound intranet development solution tailor-made for your enterprise, Valo delivered by Star Knowledge is the right tool for you.

Fall in Love with your Intranet

valo partner

All the Communication your Digital Workplace Needs

News Publishing

Standard feature

Target news by groups. Engage people with comments and likes. Add images with drag & drop function.

News Alerts

Standard feature

Make important announcements using the news alert pop up at the front page of your Intranet.


Standard feature

Improve employee happiness by providing an in-house marketplace where people can sell, buy, and donate items.

Open Positions

Standard feature

Introduce the best people to the right positions by using our in-house recruiting tools.

Event Hub

Standard feature

Keep track of upcoming internal events, trainings and conferences.


Standard feature

Valo FAQ includes a dynamic, user-friendly UI and question categories. Create dedicated FAQs as needed.

Work smarter and faster with enhanced collaboration

Page Templates

Standard feature

Intuitive page templates have everything necessary in place, so you can focus on the content.

Employee Blog

Standard feature

Our intuitive publishing platform makes sharing content with co-workers easy and fun.

Quick Links

Standard feature

Navigate quickly to promoted content via the Intranet front page shortcuts.


Standard feature

Use our ready-made templates of the most common forms, such as a holiday applications and expense claims.


Standard feature

We utilize SharePoint’s powerful search experience. Locating relevant information is easy and fast.


Standard feature

Publish and analyze quick surveys on the Intranet. Get insight from your valued employees.

Make your Valo intranet even better with the Add-ons

Delve Blogs


With Delve blog you can bring the latest blog posts of your staff into the intranet.

Social Hub


Compile your company activity in social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, on a single page on the intranet.



Display latest videos on Office 365 Video portal in your intranet.

People Finder


Search co-workers quickly by name or phone number using SharePoint’s People search and Delve profiles.

Admin Toolpack & Analytics


View and analyze the most popular pages and groups, pending group orders, user statistics and more.



Localize your Intranet. We currently support 17 languages out-of-the-box


Valo Intranet

  • Valo intranet for the fast and easy staff intranet to connect and engage people either working together or remotely.
  • Keeping company employees communicated with important messages, news or events and empowering them by allowing to like and comment.
  • Easy search and find with one platform for all information, customizable search results page, easy to use navigation, and more.

Valo Connect

  • Consolidating digital solutions like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, PowerApps, or integrating 3rd party web applications and software.
  • Valo connect enables you to access teams and remote working tools anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
  • Bring in your favorite tools either from Microsoft or an external website and customize tabs based on your needs.
Valo Connect
Valo TeamWork

Valo Teamwork

  • Use Teamwork as Stand-alone feature on your SharePoint or with Valo for full-blown intranet setup
  • Find and manage your groups in one view and search to locate your documents and discussions easily.
  • Manage your workspaces with appropriate order/ request and approval life cycles easily.

Manage your Organization’s ideas on the fly

  • Tap into your team’s amazing ideas that can be shared, discussed and make amazing discoveries.
  • Increase employee engagement and ideation process
  • Capture ideation insights and unleash a whole new dynamics that set your organization’s pace in the top gear

Valo Entrance

  • Valo Entrance to manage your external stakeholders’ access to your various Microsoft 365 assets and resource with a single dashboard.
  • Make it easy for your external stakeholders by enabling them a self-registration experience through Valo entrance.
  • Give a personalised dashboard to your external stakeholders without compromising on security.

Valo Extranet

  • Valo extranet helps organizations to streamline business-critical information sharing by reducing manual workloads.
  • Keep your external stakeholders always updated with news, events information, and more on Valo extranet
  • Invitation only platform to restrict your external stakeholders’ access to your company resources to keep your business-critical information safe.

Select from One of Our Setup Packages

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    • Intranet Architecture Planning
    • Limited Custom Branding
    • Pilot and Setup
    • Training
    • Basic Support
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    • Intranet Architecture Planning
    • Enterprise Customizations and Migrations
    • Launch Planning
    • Governance Planning
    • Pilot and Setup
    • Full Blown Customization
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    • Advanced Support with SLA
    • Get in Touch

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