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Teams Migration Services


Microsoft Teams Migration Services

Microsoft Teams Migration for Better Communication and Advanced Collaboration

At Star Knowledge, our expertise with proven record and success rate provides Skype to Teams Migration Services flawlessly. Given the global digital transition, migrating to a digital workplace for communication and collaboration is a necessity to function efficiently.

That’s where we step in to assist you to move from your legacy communication deployments to Microsoft Teams for improved work culture with guarantee to avoid data losses and communication errors. If you are looking to migrate from Skype for Business to Teams, let’s chat about what approach you could consider.

Star knowledge’s Teams Migration Approach

Setup Microsoft Teams from Scratch

If you are new to the Office 365 environment and have no migration tool setup earlier and looking to set the most out of your teams, we assist you to plan your information architecture that scales and makes collaboration seamless.

We Provide Microsoft Teams consulting Services with our expert consultants along with planning and building teams within the organization and will meet your business needs along with custom integrations, bot deployments and workflow development to augment your Teams experience.

Teams Migration Approach
Teams Migration Approach

Microsoft Teams Support Services

Star Knowledge provides Microsoft Teams support services to help organizations keep their systems running and communication flow uninterrupted across the organization. We help businesses achieve high productivity with our ongoing support, managed services, and consulting services when they need it.

Teams Migration Benefits: 

  • Skype for business is getting retired
  • Ability to schedule and manage meetings
  • Planner for workflow
  • Integrated with Microsoft suite
  • More secured
  • Ability to do video call and more

Microsoft Teams Migration Services

Skype for Business to Teams Migrations

Skype for business is retiring! We make your move to Microsoft Teams smooth with our best migration practices that help you design, plan, and achieve goals. We ensure you successful end-to-end migration to teams between tenants, data to tenant, file server to teams, contact list migration from skype to teams, etc., with our expert migration consultants. Consider migrating today with Star knowledge.

Teams Migration Services
Teams Migration Services

Slack to Microsoft Teams Migration

Are you still on Slack while many of your competitors and clients have updated to Microsoft teams, migrate to teams today, and leverage the features of Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint under one platform. Migrate all your slack channels, users, chats, files, apps to teams with ease and say no to reports, expensive licensing cost, non-collaborative meetings, and poor content and collaboration management.

How Star Knowledge Adds Value to Your Business

With our migration service to the cloud, we help companies in gaining more time for innovation, creativity, and business enablement. We help you beat that competition.

We help you hold all the aces

With our database migration service to the cloud, we help companies in gaining more time for innovation, creativity, and business enablement. We help you beat that competition.

We focus on your target

We understand that migrations are a big decision and also understand the reasons behind that decision. With our well-structured migration process, we migrate your workloads keeping the goals in mind.

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