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devops engineering services

Experience the Business Automation with our DevOps Consulting Services

In the era of the cloud, with a focus on agile methodologies and automation, why focus on manual deployments. Let us help you focus on agile methodology and bring about a best practice implementation for your organization with our Azure or AWS DevOps consulting services.

Star Knowledge with over 10 years of consulting experience in software development focuses on agile strategies and DevOps services for your operation optimization by executing CI/CD pipelines for typical procedures of development, testing, and releasing. Our Azure & AWS DevOps Consulting Services help businesses across the globe audit & analyze their development workflows and streamline IT operations and ultimately enabling organizations to move further with the aid of Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC), and CI/CD approaches.

DevOps Consulting and Automation Services

As a Prefered Microsoft partner we provide comprehensive assistance to businesses in their DevOps implementation initiative, our Consultants are well-versed with DevOps professional services. Star Knowledge’s team of experts has a center of excellence in Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, Infrastructure automation, and Continuous Delivery Pipelines for cloud-native and Microservices applications.

Why Partner with Star Knowledge?

  • 10+ years of experience in Software Development and DevOps implementation services
  • Certified DevOps consultants with 150+ combined years of experience
  • Leverage intelligent and automated platforms for tailored DevOps services
  • Deep expertise in CI, CD, and automation
  • Tailored DevOps strategies for unique business needs
devops engineering services

Our DevOps Services

DevOps Assessment

Our DevOps assessment service is tailored to assess your DevOps practice, existing infrastructure audit, and development pipeline. We also list down the redundant tasks in order to identify the right set of DevOps tools for your software development process.

DevOps Automation

After the thorough DevOps assessment and audit, we set-up your continuous development & continuous delivery pipeline and automate it for optimizing operations. With the use of robust open-source DevOps tools, we help you prevent risky deployments and maintain business advantages.

DevOps Management

After a successful DevOps transformation, we help you in keeping your continuous delivery pipeline and DevOps practice intact. We provide continuous automation support and cloud operations management for newer workloads and technologies.

DevOps Managed Services

Efficient software delivery and implementation call for solutions like DevOps from automating Infrastructure to build & release, security management to system reliability, process automation to 24/7 support. As a DevOps managed service provider, we help you tackle challenges with your DevOps implementation.

DevOps Process We Follow

top devops consulting companies

Star Knowledge’s DevOps as a Service Expertise

  • DevOps readiness assessment and review
  • One-click deployment and rollback
  • Centralized Log Management
  • Continuous Process and Infrastructure deployment
  • Automated alert configuration
  • Performance optimization and stress testing
  • End-to-end DevOps implementations
devops engineering services

DevOps Tools We Leverage








Azure DevOps

How Star Knowledge Adds Value to Your Business

We work across platforms, languages, and architectures on either end and everything in between to help you in
implementing next gen DevOps.

We help you break new

With our expertise in DevOps as a service, we help companies to innovate in every phase of their software development & delivery.

We empower businesses to make headways

We constantly empower companies to innovate, improvise and progress toward their long-term business goal.

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Our Different Business Models

Fixed Project

  • Project consultation
  • Custom project development
  • Timely delivery
  • Quality project delivered
  • Immediate support

Dedicated Team

  • Hire Niche Developers
  • Hourly, Weekly, Monthly Basis
  • Hire Part-Time or Full-Time
  • Scale up and down anytime


    • Resources for immediate projects
    • Available as per project needs
    • Hire developers on number of hours required

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