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sharepoint features 2021

Fully Utilize SharePoint Features to Enhance Your Business

11 Jun 2021

sharepoint features 2021

Technology is an inevitable part of future work culture and by future of work, it doesn’t mean that organizations need to replace entire existing systems. Rather, it is the upgradation of systems to embrace the evolution of work and work culture because working in an office for 8 hours may disappear for time being and replace with the new future of work.

With the global workforce in an organization, it is vital to give prominence to sharing, tracking, communicating, collaborating tools to accomplish tasks and streamline business processes. According to the uptime institute, 65% of the organizational workloads still reside on-premises.

Here we have brought you some interesting SharePoint features that will reach the demands and requirements of the modern workplace solution. SharePoint is now with hybrid work features that will enable your employees to connect and work both at the office and remote locations with on-premise features available in the cloud.

External sharing:SharePoint online external sharing allows you to create a document library and share documents, files, etc., with external users present in the directory by controlling them at organization and site collection levels, also with authenticated external users, anonymous users, limited access and no external sharing modes.

Modernized SharePoint: New SharePoint features have got modernized functions like search, Home, OneDrive to make collaboration tools more responsive in finding desired data more quickly and precisely from all the communication sites and shared libraries.

3rd party integration: SharePoint with Microsoft flow provides no code intuitive solution helps to integrate 3rd party solutions like Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, etc., makes you link workflows for business.

Mobile friendly feature: With Mobile responsive content SharePoint provides a great user experience with the ability to access all dashboards, content, news, images, rich text, lists, business data, etc., from all shared locations and data sources at any location on any device.

Improved lists and libraries:SharePoint online solution has updated user interface to make libraries more interactive to add documents, displaying information, importing a file, duplicating files, etc., by benefiting users from revisiting time.

Office online integration: Integrating SharePoint online with office 365 helps organizations with centralized administration, document management, collaboration, integrating with apps, accessible anywhere, and more secured platform.

Over the last several years, we have been vocally talking about the digital transformation for the new era of work, and through our SharePoint Consulting Services, we are providing solutions that improve their communication, collaboration, and security on Office 365. Contact us, to embrace a cloud solution that helps you build a secured digital workplace.

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