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SharePoint features

Microsoft SharePoint Features to Support Remote Work

18 NOV 2020

Microsoft SharePoint features

Remote work or work from home (WFH) has revolutionized with the on-going Covid Pandemic and the industries and business models have drastically changed the way things worked conventionally.

Microsoft has been a forerunner in recent years especially in terms of business tools that go without wherever you are and across whatever device you prefer. New features and updates have been rolled over from Microsoft in which SharePoint features are major ones.

According to Statista, the Implementation of SharePoint online in enterprises has been drastically increased since 2018, and a 14% decrease in SharePoint on-premise server usage has been observed.

Office 365 Sharepoint Features

Source: Statista

Some of the new SharePoint online features to support remote work in order to increase connectivity, document management, ease of usage and building communication are:

No-code to implement Microsoft SharePoint on teams’ tab:

No code implementation of Microsoft SharePoint in the teams’ platform enables Microsoft teams’ users with a wide user experience and more features likable to embed intranet landing pages and other business pages into teams with no code.

By leveraging the SharePoint features and connecting SharePoint with teams’ organizations will get the opportunity to bridge the communication gap, enhance document management, and strengthen internal workflow during remote work.

SharePoint with teams combines the documents, data, and organization process to help build solutions for organizations with no code capabilities:

Integrating SharePoint with teams helps in

  • Adding learning pathway to their employees
  • Can add SharePoint as an application in the team for easy accessibility.
  • Can embed the useful website landing pages (intranet pages) to teams and able to view the content in teams’ application.
  • Able to add training content on the SharePoint and Creating playlists to differentiate training scenarios – like HR training, etc.
  • Availability of updated content each time.

Building multilingual commercial sites in SharePoint:

Microsoft’s Multi-lingual support for SharePoint will empower the organizations or enterprises to reach a larger audience with their native languages. Building multi-lingual sites in share point will help organizations in different ways either it may be reaching out to people or helping its employees to work in their native language.

SharePoint multilingual for employers will enable its users to communicate every prospect in their native language which will lead to an effective way of sharing once experience or thoughts on process to ensure a better work environment.

Microsoft multi-lingual websites are now a single website containing multiple similar pages with different languages to enable outreach of the website to the audience.

In the new Microsoft SharePoint multi-lingual update – users can create multiple pages for different languages under single publishing site connections and serves the content along with user native UI to customers in their local language without necessarily changing the URL.

Here is the presentation on how to build multilingual sites in the new feature of SharePoint online.

Need to update SharePoint feature? Talk to our experts and deploy new SharePoint updates or SharePoint online to your on-premise now.

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