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SharePoint Benefits

How SharePoint Benefits Manufacturing Management Processes

30 OCT 2019

SharePoint Benefits

Application of software in manufacturing evolved as a way to achieve competitive advantage but in the fast-pacing tech world of today, companies have realized that in-house developed software alone is not sufficient in scaling business.

Flexible working environment, remote access, and real-time collaboration are valued by employees now more than ever, and Microsoft SharePoint not only brings these benefits but also provides solutions for manufacturing processes.

Challenges like better team collaboration, complex workload management, and productivity enhancement are particularly amplified in the manufacturing industry, and Microsoft’s Office 365 and SharePoint are the proactive solutions to any business challenge.


Manufacturers are building SharePoint collaboration systems mostly with ERP integrations. They are now equipped with reliable digital solutions to increase productivity across all business units.

  • Business Process Automation

Let’s face it, manual processes consume more than 30% of the available productive time. Microsoft SharePoint is enabling manufacturers to automate manufacturing processes. With built-in workflow capabilities, SharePoint is eliminating manual handling, tracking, and handoffs in production. Manufacturers are also able to monitor, track & check the status of every activity in real-time by digitizing workflows. Notifications & alerts help them resolve the occurrence of suspicious activities immediately.

  • Paperless Document Management

Managing contract records, policies and orders are hassle-free with SharePoint deployment. Employees in manufacturing firms have gotten rid of irksome paperwork. They no longer rely on carrying papers from place to place. Manufacturers are securely maintaining customer/vendor contracts, documents, product histories, etc. thereby reducing significant cost and time in manual paperwork. They’re also able to build document management capabilities by integrating in-house or third-party CRM and ERP systems with SharePoint.

  • Unified Collaboration Platform

Various stakeholders need to collaborate & communicate on certain processes like design, production, and quality frequently. Restricted communication leads to the occurrence of minor and major errors. More than 85% of manufactures today leverage SharePoint to support team collaboration and publish intranet content. Cross-functional teams can communicate easily from dispersed geographic locations and collaborate anytime. With SharePoint, manufacturers have a centralized collaboration platform where members of the project are conducting meetings online from anywhere on any device.

  • Product Life-cycle Management (PLM)

Manufacturers are leveraging SharePoint for rapid innovation, problem resolution and quick decision making in PLM/PDM. SharePoint allows different teams to eliminate wait time in information receiving & gathering from their extended teams, they can look up for information, documents themselves thus eliminating the time-consuming information requests. Teams can collaborate and share information in real-time from the project initiation stage, to work-in-progress, to project completion stage and add their comments whenever required.

  • Enhanced Mobility Features

Empower employees with on-the-go collaboration & communication with SharePoint. Manufacturers are empowering their sales teams with SharePoint mobility solutions to promote availability and accessibility of data anywhere, anytime on their devices. Sales templates, product information, metrics, demos, etc. are made available to the sales force for enhanced goal achievement.

  • SharePoint Web Portals, Sites and Applications

SharePoint allows the development of Portals, websites, and applications for easy project management. With portals, manufacturers are able to connect with vendors and trading partners. They realize without a proper channel to connect with their trading partners they will lack visibility to leverage benefits and opportunities of seamless collaboration. SharePoint has the ability to develop contract management and facilitate the sharing of contracts, documents, and orders with external vendors.

SharePoint Development & Migration Services

Star Knowledge as a Microsoft certified Partner provides well-structured Office 365 and SharePoint consulting, development & migration services. Our portfolio includes successful complex projects delivered to companies from Manufacturing, Healthcare, Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), Retail and a wide range of other industries.

As a manufacturer, if you’re looking at moving to SharePoint, our consultants can help you deploy SharePoint in no time with minimum efforts and operational downtime. Contact our team to know more.

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