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Five reasons to use SharePoint to manage your Architecture, Engineering & Construction Projects

15 Oct 2018


Why we suggest SharePoint as the perfect Project Management Information System for our customers in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry?

If you are not currently using Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint to deal your Architecture, Engineering & Construction projects… you ought to be! With a couple of basic configurations, SharePoint can be the foundation for an adaptable, easy to use, and moderate Project Management Information System.

The following are the reasons why you should be using SharePoint to manage with your undertakings:

  • SharePoint is brimming with features

As a matter of course, SharePoint comes loaded with all the project management tools your Architecture, Engineering and Construction firm will require.

Sites: Work groups can create their own internal websites inside SharePoint to store and arrange their records, as well as display announcements.

Search: Robust search enables clients to discover what they’re searching for rapidly and effortlessly.

Insights: Information from databases and reports give organizations a look at the usage and consistence measurements that can be utilized to address business needs.

Composites: Data, archives and procedures are consolidated to make no-code automations and business arrangements.

A project is legitimately overseen when its reports are completely under control. Utilizing standard SharePoint programming to manage projects encourages you unite all task data in one synergistic condition.

  • Configure SharePoint the way you need

There are no two development firms are the equivalent, however, regardless of that, most PMIS solutions can’t be redone. With SharePoint, you can construct pages, structures, work processes and dashboards without composing code. Moreover, you can change SharePoint to meet your organization’s requirements utilizing SQL.

  • Social and Collaboration is inherent

SharePoint was intended for sharing. The social and team collaboration features include on the Sites, group sites, and Community Sites in SharePoint make it simple for clients to discover and associate with the individuals and substance that issue to them and to share data and thoughts on several platforms, including PC, Mac and cell phones.

  • Control costs, manage labour and enhance your main concern

If you appropriately implement SharePoint, it will change your organization’s profitability. Workers will be more effective, you’ll have better access to your organization’s records and information, and you’ll have the capacity to more readily give an account of key measurements. The following are the few advantages of SharePoint.

  • Advanced Reporting and Analysis system
  • The ability to oversee projects and occupation level
  • Influential billing options
  • Easy project management
  • Complete access to data
  • Effective subcontractor administration
  • Easy labour cost tracking
  • SharePoint is dependable and secure

SharePoint is a standout amongst the most secure collaboration platforms available on the market. You can control what clients see and do within your condition by setting consents on the site or folder or substance level.

We at Star Knowledge comprehend that the greatest challenge in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction industries is staying within budget and on schedule. Hence our SharePoint Development service is the best option to get complete control over your utilizing all resources as well as your estimated budget in a proper way.

Want to experience the above SharePoint features or benefits for your project? Then Start your SharePoint journey with a certified gold partner like us.

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