security breaches

Are you prepared for security breaches?

21 JAN 2019

security breaches

Many businesses aren’t prepared when it comes to the security of their IT systems. Unfortunately, security breaches are all too common and can have devastating effects on a business.

security breaches

Most breaches begin with stolen or guessed user credentials. Once hackers gain access, they attempt to escalate those privileges, or they exploit their access to discover and target administrative users with access to valuable data. Rapid detection of a compromised account—no matter its access level—is critical. This can be challenging in a large enterprise with thousands of users.

Azure AD uses machine learning to analyze every sign-in to uncover anomalies or suspicious incidents. It then assigns a risk level of low, medium, or high to indicate how likely it is that the sign-in was not performed by the user. This is called a risk event. Azure AD also analyzes risk events for each user and calculates a risk level of low, medium, or high to indicate how likely it is that a user has been compromised. Azure AD Identity Protection uses this data to generate reports and alerts that can be viewed from a dashboard in the Azure portal or by enabling daily or weekly emails.

Microsoft 365, a complete, intelligent solution, including Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely.

Innovative tools can help you protect business data, enhance threat protection, guard against the accidental sharing of sensitive information, protect data in cloud applications, and improve compliance.

Microsoft Threat Protection helps users gain optimal security from the moment they sign in to their laptops or mobile devices, check their email or begin work on their documents, or utilize the many cloud applications common in the modern workplace. IT administrators benefit from minimal complexity in staying ahead of the threat landscape, gaining visibility and control over the expanding attack surface, and reducing the time, cost, and effort needed to understand and take action on the trillions of threat signals observed from their IT environment.

Star Knowledge, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner helps organizations all over the world comply with national, regional, and industry-specific regulatory requirements aimed at securing and protecting the data of individuals, establishments, and critical technology infrastructures.

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