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6 Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Your Next Project

1 MAR 2018


Are you plotting to develop a grandiose web-application or need a simple prototype? AngularJS is the right decision. AngularJS is a widely acclaimed JavaScript framework that is widely used to improve the development process. For the most part, it is an open source development framework that effectively addresses the challenges of web development and assures to give the deciphered web & mobile app developed by integrating basic HTML codes.

One of the most intriguing things about AngularJS is that it’s developed by Google staff. There are numerous other JavaScript frameworks that have spelled accomplishment for the over and over, however, those are created only across the Open Source Community, where finding reliability is a tough issue. AngularJS has been developed and kept up by the capable Google specialists. It gives them a tremendous opportunity to learn from the certified open source professionals.

Here you have some Important reasons of why you should choose AngularJS for your next project

Expressive UI

AngularJS always uses HTML to characterize the codes for UI (user interface) which enable engineers to attempt less endeavors in composing complete JS codes. In contrast with JavaScript, HTML is more clear and natural and never makes the complexities between codes, consequently it is used to create highly interactive & user-friendly applications and websites that are high on usefulness and light in weight.


The entire procedure of coding requires excruciating details about a language and executing complex solutions. AngularJS is used to simplify the entire process. Unlike JavaScript, the AngularJS framework depends on HTML also, enabling it to effectively make responsive UIs. This is vital for the simple formation of responsive web designs.


It is practically watched that a large portion of the frameworks just builds up the mobile apps and don’t split them into the MVC architecture. You can have this option when moving for AngularJS web & mobile application development as it strings the application code together. This is the manner by which it spares a considerable measure of development time and also decreases the application time to market.

Two-way data binding

AngularJS is a profoundly requested everywhere throughout the industry Because its two-way data binding feature. It means, any progressions made in application objects instantly impact the UI and the other way around. In this framework, both the module changes and the user actions take place simultaneously.

Using directives

AngularJS utilize HTML as its pattern language and is stretched out with directives which are used to run with and direct the codes with important conduct. With these directives, you can focus on making logics which additionally influence you to work all the more beneficially. Also, reusing them can enable you to build code readability – which is one of the most imperative parts of quality coding.

Single Page Application (SPA) features

AngularJS packs a lot of SPA highlights. This makes it much easier to develop and control online forms. It builds up a speedier work process of the entire team and makes the entire procedure simpler to achieve. Designers essentially have more control over form validation abilities.

This ensures that it is only going to get better in the future, simplifying the web development process much more. If you have not started using AngularJS or Excited to work with AngularJS?  It is time to start doing so, reach us with your project @


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