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digital transformation challenges

Common 6 Digital Transformation Challenges Causing Failures

27 APR 2021

common digital transformation challenges

Digital transformation is an update to the world’s business models, even though there was a practice of implementing negligible technology updates to the organizations’ workflows not being embraced as it is post-pandemic.

However, a digital transformation is not the silver bullet that will make the organization transform overnight. Technology is rather a simple piece of the puzzle compared to the adoption and optimal usage of technology. And to embrace digitalization organizations will face complications and challenges without a proper business transformation strategy.

we researched some common digital transformation challenges that most organizations face due to improper resource management, work complexity, communication and collaboration issues, cybersecurity breaches, change in work culture, decreased productivity, etc. Yet, there are several reasons to face these problems and embrace the technology that will fuel a much stronger market presence and growth.

There may be several reasons for each business type that faces challenges in the digital transformation journey, but according to a study conducted by AISeL, 36% of the companies with a proper strategy on digital transformation have witnessed 5 times higher growth after embracing transformation when compared with other 57% of the companies who considered digitalization as less important.

In this blog, let us help identify some of the common digitalization issues:

  • Digital Transformation Restrictions: For the diverse types of industries, the processes and opportunities to adopting the technology transformation also vary according to the innovations, priorities, and decision-making around the service that a company provides.
  • Better Analysis: Every organization needs to analyze their data to find out the level of technology implementations they need, and they can afford to emerge in the digital community and mark that against the failures/ loss of opportunities that they will face by not doing so. Failure of this has been the key issue where organizations often invest in unnecessary updates and lay a plan for failure.
  • Technology Analysis: Analyzing the best suitable technology according to the level of business and employee compatibility will uphold organizations from the failure of digitalization. Technology serves businesses at various levels and identifying the gaps is what will drive effective adoption. However, most decisions are either made without holistic thinking of several factors including human factors and improper guidance is the key for the failed implementation.
  • User Friendliness: Companies always need to pay attention to user experience because a user may be your employee, external stakeholder, or any other for that matter, at the end of the usage, a bad user experience will surely attain failure in digital transformation due to lack of usage and ease of adaptability.
  • Expert Guidance: most organizations neglect the guidelines provided by the technology implementation experts and loses the opportunity to find the right tools that best fit the needs of the business. Remember: Low costing solutions are not always cost-effective solutions. They cost you a lot more in the short and long run.
  • Adoption practices: there are certain steps and practices that will be conducted by the implementor like – Auditing, Analyzing, plan, goal, prioritize, and implement. And without proper adoption practices, digital transformation seems to be challenging to achieve true goals.

Getting expert advice on digital technology transformation will give support and opens enormous opportunities in modern technology adoption. Are you looking to get some advice on how you can improve and digitize your organization with a holistic plan that increases your chances for success? Get in touch today and see how our consultants can assist you in your digital journey.

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